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  1. Preliminaries
  2. ANOVA with 1 between-subjects factor
    1. Two estimates of variance
    2. The significance test in ANOVA
    3. Partitioning the sums of squares
    4. Computational methods
  3. Tests supplementing ANOVA
    1. Introduction
    2. All pairwise comparisons among means
      1. Introduction
      2. All pairwise t-tests
      3. Fisher's LSD
      4. Tukey's HSD
      5. Newman-Keuls procedure
      6. Duncan's procedure
      7. Recapitulation and recommendations
      8. Example calculations
    3. Comparing means with a control
    4. Specific comparisons among means
      1. Overview
      2. Computing comparisons
      3. Multiple comparisons
      4. Orthogonal comparisons
      5. Trend analysis
  4. Formal model
  5. Expected mean squares
  6. Reporting results
  7. Exercises

Precision Consulting


Analysis tools
by Richard Lowry


Analysis of Variance (PDF)
by B. Gerstman

Statnotes: ANOVA by G. D. Garson

by David Stockburger

by StatSoft

ANOVA by G. David Garson

Introduction to ANOVA, One-way ANOVA
by H. J. Newton, J. H. Carroll, N. Wang, and D. Whiting

t test and one-way ANOVA
by Will Hopkins of the University of Otago

Anova 1 (PDF)
by Bruce Weaver

Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments
by George W. Cobb

Inferential Statisics : An Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
by Donald R. Shupe

Statistics for Experimenters: An Introduction to Design, Data Analysis, and Model Building
by George E. P. Box