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  1. Basic definitions
    1. Factorial designs
    2. Main effects
    3. Interaction
  2. Analysis of Variance
    1. Analysis of two-factor designs
    2. Analysis of three-factor designs
  3. Tests supplementing ANOVA
    1. Supplementing main effects
    2. Supplementing interactions
      1. When no follow-up is needed
      2. Simple effects
      3. Components of interaction
  4. Reporting results
  5. Exercises

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Analysis Tools
by Richard Lowry

Factorial designs
by William Trochim

Statnotes: ANOVA
by G. D. Garson

by StatSoft

Two-way ANOVA
by Will Hopkins

ANOVA by G. David Garson

Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments
by George W. Cobb

Inferential Statisics : An Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
by Donald R. Shupe

Statistics for Experimenters: An Introduction to Design, Data Analysis, and Model Building
by George E. P. Box