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  1. Definition
  2. Advantages of within-subject designs
  3. The problem of carryover effects
  4. Assumptions of within-subject designs
  5. ANOVA with 1 within-subject variable
  6. ANOVA with 2 within-subject variables
  7. Tests supplementing ANOVA
  8. ANOVA with between- and within-subject variables
  9. Exercises

precision consulting

Free Analysis Tools

by Richard Lowry

Analysis Lab
by David Lane and Joan Lu

Instructional Demos

Independent and correlated t
by David Lane



Repeated-measures ANOVA
by Will Hopkins of the University of Otago

ANOVA by G. David Garson

Interpreting Significant Effects: Post Hoc Pairwise Comparisons GLM Repeated-measures designs: One within-subjects factor (using SPSS) by Lee Becker

One-Factor Within-Subjects Designs (using SPSS) by Lee Becker

Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments
by George W. Cobb

Inferential Statisics : An Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
by Donald R. Shupe

Statistics for Experimenters: An Introduction to Design, Data Analysis, and Model Building
by George E. P. Box

Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with CDRom
by David Howell

Statistical Methods for Psychology
by David Howell