ANOVA with 1 Within-Subject Variable (1 of 4)

A one-factor within-subjects analysis of variance tests the null hypothesis that all the population means are equal: H0: μ1 = μ2 = ... = μa

Sources of Variation
In a between-subjects ANOVA, variance due to differences among subjects goes into the error term. In within-subjects ANOVA, differences among subjects can be separated from error. "Subjects" is therefore a source of variation in within-subjects designs. The analysis of variance summary table for the data given in the section on the advantages of within-subjects designs is shown below. Notice the three sources of variation: Subjects, Condition, and Error.
Source      df         Ssq        Ms         F       p
 Subjects    3      1888.375   629.458
 Condition   1        15.125    15.125    121.00   0.002
 Error       3         0.375     0.125
Total        7      1903.875   271.982