Answers: Chapter 1

1. This is an example of descriptive statistics since there is no attempt to generalize the results from the class to a population. The key is that the teacher is interested only in his/her class and not in other students. If the teacher's class were thought of as a random sample of students from some larger population, and the teacher wished to draw an inference about the population and not simply describe the sample, then it would be an example of inferential statistics.

4. In random sampling each element of the population has an equal chance of being drawn each time an element is sampled. The characteristics of a random sample may be very different from the characteristics of a population. In stratified sampling, attempts are made to make the sample as close to the population as possible on the key attributes.

Response time:
Rating of job satisfaction:
Favorite color:
Occupation aspired to:
Qualitative as it stands but could be considered quantitative if rated in terms of expected income, prestige etc.
Number of words remembered:


ΣX = 15
ΣX² = 85
(ΣX) ² =225

ΣY = 21
ΣY² = 189