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Types of data by Keith Dear

Basic concepts by H. J. Newton, J. H. Carroll, N. Wang, and D. Whiting

Measurement and sampling (PDF) by B. Gerstman

Data display and summary
by T. D. V. Swinscow; revised by M. J. Campbell

Elementary concepts by StatSoft

Measurement theory by Warren Sarle

Statistics for the Utterly Confused
by Lloyd Jaisingh

Forgotten Statistics : A Self-Teaching Refresher Course
by Jeffrey Clark

Chances Are : The Only Statistics Book You'll Ever Need
by Stephen Slavin

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Elements of Statistics I: Descriptive Statistics and Probability
by Stephen Bernstein and Ruth Bernstein

Statistics the Easy Way
by Douglas Downing and Jeffrey Clark (Contributor)

Statistics You Can't Trust : A Friendly Guide to Clear Thinking About Statistics in Everyday Life
by Stephen Kent Campbell, Steve Campbell, Mark V. Hall (Illustrator)

Statistics : Cliffs Quick Review
by David H. Voelker, Peter Z. Orton

Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with CDRom
by David Howell