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  1. General formula
  2. Tests of µ, σ known
  3. Tests of µ σ estimated
  4. µ1 - µ2, independent groups, σ estimated
  5. µ1 - µ2, dependent means, σ estimated
  6. Linear combination of means, independent groups
  7. Tests of Pearson's correlation
  8. Differences between correlations
  9. Proportions
  10. Differences between proportions
  11. Exercises

Precision Consulting

Analysis Tools
VassarStat Independent t
by Richard Lowry

VassarStat Correlated t
by Richard Lowry

Analysis Lab
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Stat Pages
by John Pezzullo


One continuous variable I, One continuous variable II, One continuous variable III, Two continuous variables, Proportions I, Proportions II, Linear regression
by Keith Dear

Single means
by David Stockburger

The z-test, one-sided and two-sided tests, ingredients of the z-test, p-values, multiplicity in hypothesis tests, data mining. The two-sample z-test
by P. B. Stark

Generalizing to a population via confidence limits, Difference between means: Type I and Type II errors and power, Differences between percentages and paired alternatives
by T D V Swinscow; revised by M. J. Campbell

t test and one-way ANOVA
by Will Hopkins of the University of Otago

Independent group t-test
by TexaSoft

z and t tests (PDF)
by Bruce Weaver

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Elements of Statistics I: Descriptive Statistics and Probability
by Stephen Bernstein and Ruth Bernstein

Statistics the Easy Way
by Douglas Downing and Jeffrey Clark (Contributor)

Statistics You Can't Trust : A Friendly Guide to Clear Thinking About Statistics in Everyday Life
by Stephen Kent Campbell, Steve Campbell, Mark V. Hall (Illustrator)

Statistics : Cliffs Quick Review
by David H. Voelker, Peter Z. Orton

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