Help with Statistics: Statistical Consultants and Tutors

This list of statistical consultants and statistics tutors is provided by HyperStat Online. There is no fee to be listed on this page. I cannot personally vouch for any of the providers on this page. However, they all appear to provide services relevant to the users of HyperStat. If you are a stastistical consultant or a statistics tutor and would like to be listed or if you have used one and wish to provide feedback, please email me at: .

precision consulting



Alliance of Statistics Consultants

AlphaPoint05 Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis

Bayesian Inference

Bendigo Scientific Data Analysts

Beta Statistics


BioStat Solutions

Bowsher, Brunelle & Smith, LLC

BS Statistics

Cassandra Group, Inc

Consulting Measurement Group


Crea Science

Data Shaping Solutions

Data Vision

David S. Schwarz & Associates

Dissertation Statistics

DK Statistical Consulting

Dr. Su Statistical Consulting

Equity Decision Systems

Fisher Statistics Consulting

Keith Research & Evaluation

Lindell and Associates


Monroe Statistical and Research Consulting Services


Newton Statistical Consulting

Paul Bassett

Plustat Consulting

Precision Consulting

Probability, Statistics, & Information

Remstat Consulting

Research Consultation

Research Consultation Professionals, LLC

Richard A. Bilonick

Singular Value Consulting


Stat Advice

Stat Relief

STATAXIS Consulting

Statistical Consulting

Statistical Designs

Statistically Significant Consulting

Statistics Consultation

Statistics Doc

Statistics Help

Statistics Made Easy

Statistics Solutions

Statistics Specialist

Stat-Help Free!

Statistical Analysis and Measurement Consultants, Inc.

Statistical Analysis Consulting

Statistics Consulting

Statistical Outsourcing Services

Statistics Help From Dr. Hill

Statistics Homework Help

Statking Consulting Inc.

Statoo Consulting

Statistics Research Associates Limited

stats assistance

Stats Make Me Cry


Thomas Ryan

Walker Bioscience

Richard A. Bilonick


Chegg Tutors

Crown Tutoring

DC Math Tutor

Grade Potential Tutoring

GraduateTutor (MBAs/CPAs/CFAs)

Fox Tutor


My Tutor

NYC Math Tutor


Stat-Help Free!

Statistics Help

Statistics Homework Help

Statistics Homework Tutor

Tower Learning

Tutor Delphia (statisitcs)


Varsity Tutors