Tests of Linear Combinations of Means, Independent Groups (6 of 7)

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Summary of Computations
  1. Specify the null and alternate hypotheses. This is done by choosing the coefficients (a's). The null hypothesis is Σaiµi = 0. The alternate hypothesis is Σaiµi ≠ 0. (On rare occasions, the null hypothesis will be that Σaiµi is some value other than zero.)

  2. Compute L = ΣaiMi.

  3. Compute

    where "a" is the number of groups.

  4. Compute

    where n is the number of subjects in each group (there must be equal n).

  5. Compute

  6. Compute df = a(n-1) where "a" is the number of groups.

  7. Use a t table to find the probability value of t.

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