Confidence Interval, Difference between Independent Correlations (3 of 4)

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The experiment shows that there is still uncertainty about the difference in correlations. It could be that the correlation for females is as much as 0.49 higher. However, it could also be 0.15 lower.

Summary of Computations
  1. Compute the sample r's.

  2. Use an r to z' table to convert the values of r to z'.

  3. Compute z'1 - z'2.

  4. Use a to z table to find the value of z for the level of confidence desired.

  5. Compute:

  6. Lower limit = z'1 - z'2 - (z)()

  7. Upper limit = z'1 - z'2 + (z)()

  8. Use an r to z' table to convert the lower and upper limits to r's.

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